- Front end repairs:

      (tie rods, ball joints, sway bar, etc.)
- Computer diagnostics
- Shocks / Struts

- Belts / timing belt

- Hoses

- Water pump

- Axles - front wheel drive

- U joints

- Window motor/regulator

- Air Conditioning

​- Cooling system (radiator, thermostat)

- Head light polishing

- Wheel bearings

- Oil changes

​- Brakes


*ONSITE MECHANIC:  $49/hr + parts

​​BILLY ESCOTTO  (801) 423-1200

In addition to our regular vehicle evaluations and services, our onsite mechanic can perform many services at a reasonable rate* even if you are not in the market to purchase one of our vehicles. We don't mark up the cost of the parts we use.

Walk away with a great deal on your car every time!

Call for an


Contact us [801 423-1200]

456 West State road 198, salem, ut 

*Rates are figured on an hourly basis plus parts.

​Used Vehicles in Salem


We specialize in quality used vehicles in Salem, Utah; both American made and foreign.