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Sharp Cars Inc. Rebuilt/restored Vehicles


Sharp Cars inventory consists of used car sales with both clear titles and rebuilt/restored titles. There are advantages to both categories. Clean Titles have a clean title, but usually have high miles, the owners ovbiously didn't want the vehicle any longer. It may be a repossession and therefore a neglected vehicle. There are always minor to major mechanical problems. Banks are more apt to loan on these simply because of the title. Don't be afraid of a reconstructed titled car. With Reconstructed titles, the owners were forced to part with a vehicle they were taking care of because of an accident and insurance company issues and repair costs. We can give you a better car while saving you thousands of dollars when you buy rebuilt from us! All vehicles are carefully checked and/or professionally rebuilt. Either way, we take the utmost care when selecting our vehicles, avoiding damage that will affect the performance and safety of your vehicle.  See what we currently have available.

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